The 10 Teams of the MSL:

The Marin Swim League (MSL) is a summer league dedicated to providing and
preserving quality amateur competitive swimming events for its subscribing
membership. The MSL fosters and promotes the ideals of good sportsmanship,
fair play and good fellowship for participants of all ages and abilities in an
environment that nurtures self-esteem in all the children it serves.

The summer league swim season begins in March and ends with the Championship meet in mid-July. Registration typically begins in late January & February. Visit any of the 10 teams’ websites for more information.


Week 1 Results!

April 30, 2016
Team Score Results Team Score
SH 338 TW 182
TL 422 SM 84
SV 353 NO 165
RH 199 LV 308
MW 222 SS 316
Week 1 Summary


The 2016 All Star Q-Times are available here (they are the same as last year)


The 2016 Meet Schedule is now available! Click here for a printable PDF file!


Want to know the rules?

Our swim meets are governed by The Marin Swim League Bylaws. In addition, USA Swimming rules also apply where appropriate:

Team Transfers within the Marin Swim League:

NOTE! If your swimmer is to be transfered from one MSL team to another, this form must be completed! Submit this completed for to the MSL Representative of your team.